Green data centers

Efficient, secure and 100% renewable powered.

Choose a highly scalable hosting infrastructure that's 100% powered by electricity from clean, renewable energy sources. At iWeb, we take a holistic approach to energy-efficiency and performance, with the aim of reducing both energy consumption and prices over the long term. Our Canadian location means we are naturally well situated for greener hosting. 100% of our electricity generated from clean, green sources. And with average temperatures below freezing for five months of the year, we can use high-tech free cooling to cool servers without consuming power when it's not needed.

    Green electricity

    Green electricity that's 100% generated from clean, renewable sources.

    Free cooling

    High-tech free cooling cools your servers naturally using the cold Canadian air.

    Energy efficient

    Including high-capacity optical transport and the latest, most efficient Intel servers.

    Hardware recycling

    Choose the latest servers, while your old hardware is sent where it's still needed.

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Quick facts

Montreal, Canada
33,000 servers
28,000 sq ft
220 + specialists

Great value green hosting

We use energy-efficient technologies and Canada’s renewable resources and cold climate to reduce our carbon footprint and save you money.

  • Our energy supplier is Hydro Québec, whose electricity production is 100% renewable, and 98% from hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity only produces just 4 grams of CO2 per Kwh of electricity. That's 56% less CO2 than wind energy, and less than 1% of that of natural gas and coal. In Québec electricity generation represents just 1% of all Green House Gas emissions, versus 32.5% in the USA.

  • We use high-tech free cooling technology to cool two of our data centers, cooling your servers using the cold Canadian winter air. Average temperatures in Montreal are significantly lower than most of the United States, with average minimum temperatures below freezing for five months of the year.

  • Elsewhere we use the industry-leading cooling system, the Liebert DSE Precision Cooling System, which exceeds the ASHRAE minimum standard by 53% and is 70% more efficient than alternative technologies.

  • Server energy usage is lower depending on the level of server stress, dropping to less than 50% of the maximum energy utilization depending on traffic.

  • Computing equipment is recycled at the end of its life cycle by Insertech Angus, the first company to be given the highest standard recognized by the association for electronics recycling, ARPE-Québec.

  • iWeb uses the ADVA FSP 3000 low power consumption optical transport solution for the fastest and most efficient data transfer around our growing network.

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Management and continuity

iWeb’s network of data centers and points of presence is designed to ensure 100% power and network uptime no matter what the scenario.

  • iWeb has a team of over 200 highly-trained and experienced staff, assembled since 1996.

  • Access to data centers is controlled by security credentials and biometric verification, via two-door entrances.

  • Three levels of power supply prevent power failure: Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) guarantee immediate coverage in the case of grid failure and three low sulphur diesel generators in each data centers provide backup electricity over a longer period.

  • All data center equipment undergoes maintenance four times per year, by the manufacturers or their approved suppliers.

  • Data center and network operations are monitored 24 hours per day by highly trained staff using a Building Management System (BMS) with centralized, remote controls.

  • With four data centers and a variety of data backup and security options, we can work with you to spread servers geographically and minimise the risk of losing data.

  • iWeb works to the American Institute of CPAs SSAE16 standard.

Why is free cooling important?

"In one typical enterprise usage scenario, power distribution and cooling equipment consumed 59 percent of data center power, while compute servers accounted for less than 30 percent." - Dell

"Free cooling is an approach to lowering the air temperature in a building or data center by using naturally cool air or water instead of mechanical refrigeration." - Search Data Center