Reliable hosting

Host on the world's most reliable network

Our high-speed, redundant network gives you fast, reliable hosting with 100% uptime guaranteed as part of our service level agreement. We work with the best network partners and suppliers. And because we've been working with them since 1996, they know exactly what our customers expect – fast, reliable hosting, on demand.

Reliable Hosting

    100% uptime guaranteed and delivered


    No single point of failure across four data centers


    100Mbps public internet connection as standard

    Low latency

    High-quality hardware and close to global networks

The world's most reliable network

iWeb’s network uptime is measured independently each month by Netcraft.

We have an enviable 100% uptime record since 2008, making our network one of the most renowned in the world.

Whether you need the power of dedicated hosting or the flexibility offered by cloud servers and our other cloud hosting services you always get our 100% network uptime guarantee.

High-speed network

A lightning fast 100Mbps WAN connection as standard, and optional 1Gbps LAN to link up your servers.

High-quality hardware, minimum latency in our local network and close proximity to the global fiber optic network (FLAC) in New York (USA) all mean you will experience incredibly fast data transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps as standard around the world.

Our state of the art data centers are connected by an 8Tbps fiber optic metro ring. That means fast connectivity to upstream providers and the complete redundancy that comes from multiple high-quality connections. It also means consistent services across our data centers, and the ability to enhance the redundancy of your server architecture across our data centers.

Put our network to the test!

To test the network speed where you are now, download our test file:

Network speed test (10MB) Network speed test (100MB)

High-traffic and unmetered hosting

Get the most out of powerful computing and a fast network, with no hidden charges.

iWeb offers high-bandwidth and unmetered hosting options that let you get the most out of our lightening fast, famously reliable network for your servers or unmetered private cloud. And you can benefit from both our network and our expertise, with our new Managed Cloud Hosting service.

  • Hosting packages: 12TB/Mo, 20TB/Mo or unmetered traffic
  • WAN: 100Mbps to 1Gbps dedicated connection
  • LAN: 1Gbps bandwidth and unmetered traffic

When you buy a dedicated server on you can choose a monthly traffic limit that suits your use: 12TB /Mo, 20TB/Mo or unmetered. Once you exceed your limit your service will continue at just $0.25 per GB.


We use several network partners to ensure 100% uptime and prevent saturation of certain access links. For outgoing traffic we use the shortest available route provided by any network partner. For inbound traffic we use all network partners.

Network partners

Equipment suppliers