Smart Layer™

Easy management and migration for your dedicated server.
Fast Deployment
Fully-configured and live from
just 15 minutes.
Easy Migration
Migrate servers in minutes: IPs, configurations and all.
Easy Server Clusters
Drag and drop networking ideal for mid-level Sys Admins.
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The Smart Layer™ is an extra level of server management accessible in the iWeb Control Center. It makes managing many aspects of your server easier, and lets you migrate between hardware in just minutes. Configurations, IP addresses and all. A further SuperSmart upgrade adds a software firewall and includes drag-and-drop networking. Great for building simple server clusters, and ideal for intermediate System Administrators.

  • You cannot perform further virtualization on a
    dedicated server with Smart Layer™.
  • A small portion of server RAM is reserved
    for the Smart Layer™. See more details

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