Server clusters

A server cluster uses several dedicated servers to do several different jobs, or to share the burden of one important task. Add as many servers as you need to maintain your preferred performance level.

A very common server cluster configuration is a web server cluster (or web cluster), which spreads Internet traffic over several web servers using load balancing. This creates a high-availability server with increased capacity and failover.

iWeb can tailor a web cluster to your exact requirements, or you can quickly achieve a high-availability web server with the starter web cluster package outlined below.

Fully Managed Web Cluster

Specifications Starter Web Cluster
Dedicated load balancers  
SSL offloading Optional
Sticky sessions support  
Supports any TCP/UDP port  
Web servers 2 x Core 2 Duo
Mirrored MySQL Optional
Mirrored NFS Optional
LAMP ready  
Windows & IIS support Optional
Network iWeb Solution
Local network switch  
Uplink incoming traffic 100 Mbps
Outgoing Traffic 100 Mbps
Max concurrent connections Up to 50 000
Supported IPs  
Supported amount of servers Unlimited
Monthly traffic 12 TB
Management iWeb Solution
Setup & initial configuration  
4 hour hardware replacement  
Rapid Response   
Monitoring service   
Managed On-Demand  
 Starter Web Cluster
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All prices in US Dollars (USD).

Web server cluster

Linux & Windows

iWeb’s web cluster package is perfect for both Linux and Windows hosting. The Linux web cluster supports Apache, PHP and Perl, while the Windows web cluster supports IIS, ASP and .Net. The cluster can also be customized to support a wide range of additional software. If you have a specific requirement, get in touch.

Data replication

As part of the web cluster package our experts will install and configure data replication scripts to ensure that content is always synchronized between your web servers. We can also design a storage solution that eliminates the need for data replication by using single storage server.

  • Keep your web sites available all the time
  • Scale and increase capacity when you need it
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced Security

Benefits of the Web Cluster

Keep your web sites available all the time
High-availability web server

The web cluster uses load balancing to send your visitors’ requests to available servers. If a server fails, it is automatically removed from the available servers pool and your visitors are sent to servers capable of serving your website.

Scale and increase capacity when you need it
Scale and increase capacity when you need it

There’s no need to fear being featured on the biggest websites. With a web cluster you’re ready to receive a storm of visitors. Upgrade from two to tens of servers in a matter of hours, whenever you need to. Install your web cluster in a private dedicated server rack and you’re ready to scale to hundreds of servers.

Improved performance
Improved performance

By sharing your web applications’ load between multiple servers, you decrease the amount of resources needed by each server and improve the performance for your end users. Add as many servers as you need to maintain your preferred performance level.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

In addition to using your own dedicated private switch, your web servers are installed behind a load balancer that can also act as firewall allowing only the right traffic to reach your web servers. Like a firewall, the load balancer can be configured with rules to your specifications.

Customer Stories


BigSoccer is a soccer-related community among the 100 biggest Internet forums according to

iWeb worked with us to create a powerful web server and database cluster that kept our site blazingly fast during the 2006 World Cup even as traffic was skyrocketing to record levels.

Ethan Beard
President at

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Usage and implementation

If you are looking for an enterprise-class solution, iWeb’s load balancing solution can be coupled with a complete storage area network to eliminate the need for data replication, a replicated mySQL database server configuration to secure your dynamic data and multiple dedicated servers to provide your appications the cpu power it needs to operate. Take a look at our web cluster configuration ideas using load balancing.