Smart Layer® - The Original Smart Server

Easy server clustering
and migration

The Smart Layer® is a layer of extra functionality underneath the Linux or Windows operating system on your dedicated server. It makes managing your server simple. And it's portable, so you can migrate to the latest server hardware in minutes: configurations, WAN IPs and all.

All the extra functionality is in the iWeb Control Center, an intuitive interface that you will only find on iWeb dedicated servers with the Smart Layer®. Upgrade to SuperSmart for drag and drop networking that makes it easy to separate web and database servers into an unmetered server cluster, ideal for intermediate System Administrators.

Dedicated servers with the SMART LAYER®

  • Easy migration in minutes
  • Simple control panel
  • Drag and drop networking
  • Cannot be virtualized

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Fast deployment

Fully-configured and live from just 15 minutes

The latest technology

Migrate servers in minutes: IPs, configurations and all

Easy management

Quick and easy controls with integrated support

Long term value

Servers from just $89/mo. Free, easy server migration.

All dedicated servers with Smart Layer®

The SuperSmart™ upgrade is available when you configure your server.

Single Processor
Processor Ram Storage Storage SSD RAID Traffic Price
    Intel® Core™ i3-540 3.06GHz H/T 8GB 2 × 1000GB SW 20TB $89
    Intel® Xeon® E3-1230V2 3.3GHz 8GB 2 × 1000GB SW Unmetered $149
Dual Processors
Processor Ram Storage Storage SSD RAID Traffic Price
    Intel® Quad-Core 2 x E5506 2.13GHz 24GB 2 × 1000GB SW Unmetered $139

All prices in US Dollars (USD).

Pick a server then click configure for further options, including:

  • Control panel options
  • SuperSmart™ upgrade
  • Server management plans
  • Data protection and backup plans

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The latest technology, always

Migrate to a new server in minutes using the iWeb Control Center. That means your configurations, data and even your WAN IPs migrated to a new server, with no hassle, in just a few clicks.


The Smart Layer® is a single, portable virtual server on your own dedicated server. Please note that you can't perform further virtualization on a dedicated server with Smart Layer®.

No sharing resources

You get all the server's power, bandwidth and storage - there's no sharing resources. So you get full, dedicated power with the extra Smart Layer® functionality and easy migration.

Extra features, no compromise

Unless you intend to perform virtualization on your server a dedicated server with Smart Layer® gives you more functionality, at a lower price, without any compromise on performance.

iWeb Control Center

The extra functionality, quick commands, LAN management and server information is all via the Control Center, an easy-to-use interface with integrated support that you'll only find with iWeb.

Dedicated servers with the Smart Layer® give you the same great performance and as a regular dedicated server. Perfect for secure, high-traffic and CPU-intensive applications like:

  • Websites, web hosting and eCommerce
  • Mail servers and internal applications
  • Database servers
  • File storage
  • Video and media streaming
  • Cloud applications
 Dedicated servers
Dedicated servers
with the Smart Layer®
MigrationFree assistance for server upgradesEasy migration in minutes: IP, configurations and all
UpgradesTo 96GB / 3TB storage SuperSmart (more)
Deployment24 hours15 minutes
BandwidthDedicated 100MbpsDedicated 100Mbps
OS & databaseLinux & Windows / SQLLinux & Windows / SQL
ControlsParallels Plesk Panel
cPanel/WHM Internal
Remote desktop (Windows)
SSH/none (Linux)
iWeb Control Center
cPanel/WHM Internal
Remote desktop (Windows)
SSH/non (Linux)
 Choose your serverChoose your server

iWeb Control Center

Control Center functionality includes:
  • Manage servers with Smart Layer® in one place
  • Create and manage a LAN (SuperSmart™)
  • See current hardware, IP addresses and OS
  • Power management
  • Reboot the Smart Layer® or physical server
  • SSH/Terminal access, details and tools
  • Console action menu
  • Console access (Guacamole for virtual KVM/IP)
  • Request migration
  • Server status
  • Public internet and LAN status
  • IP address details and add new IP address
  • Activate/Deactivate SuperSmart™
  • Activate/Deactivate LAN or WAN
  • Backup management
  • OS re-install
  • Firewall management (SuperSmart™ required)
  • Billing and support ticketing

SuperSmart™ upgrade

Upgrade to SuperSmart™ for an additional $20/Mo and you can create and manage a high-speed, unmetered LAN. You also get a firewall to protect your servers, and unmetered bandwidth for local and public traffic.

Unmetered traffic

Unmetered inbound and outbound (I/O) traffic from the public network (internet) lets you serve lots of uesers, fast.

With your 100Mbps connection, you can achieve a lot of data transfer and website page loads without having to watch your usage.

Private LANs

Servers can be grouped in private local area networks (LANs) called Smart Groups used for server clustering.

Grouped servers can see and communicate with each other while being invisible from the other servers on the network.

Unmetered LAN

A 1Gbps connection lets servers exchange data at blazing speeds without going through the public network. Local data transfer is not metered or limited - great for backing up systems on another server or connecting a separate database server and web server together.


The SuperSmart™ upgrade includes a firewall that acts as a filter between your servers and the Internet.

A firewall is the first line of server security. It blocks malicious access attempts, allowing only legitimate traffic to access the server.