Server virtualization


Move faster. Reduce costs.
Streamline operations.

Get more from your servers with virtualization.

Virtualization software pools your servers’ computing resources and allocates them efficiently between Virtual Machines (VM), for improved performance, reliability and operational mobility. Even a single dedicated server can run several operating systems. So you can manage services separately, host more websites, and serve more users, all more cost-effectively than ever before.

Move Faster

Deploy and resource Virtual Machines instantly or even automatically.

Reduce Costs

Consolidate more applications and websites on fewer dedicated servers.

Streamline Operations

Improve reliability and performance. Simplify backup, scaling and migration.

Three levels of solution

Deploy a virtualized solution for today knowing you can scale out as your business grows.

Level 1

Virtualization Server

Run your choice of VMware, XenServer, Parallels or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software on a dedicated server hosted in an iWeb data center. Deploy and manage Virtual Machines according to the functionality of your chosen software. Host and manage your services on separate VM for easier resource management and improved system reliability. All with iWeb’s specialist system administrators on hand to help.

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Level 2

Virtualization Cluster

Use virtualization software to pool the computing resources of several dedicated servers and allocate it among VMs, scaling the underlying capacity of your cluster easily by adding more hardware when needed. By consolidating more workloads on fewer servers you’ll reduce costs, effectively increasing capacity by using resources more efficiently. Centralized storage on a separate dedicated server or SAN improves data availability and aids business continuity planning.

Case Study: eSapiens Double Capacity, Reduce Costs By 60%

Level 3

Hosted Microsoft Private Cloud

Deploy a dedicated hosting infrastructure with Microsoft Windows Server based on Hyper-V hypervisor combined with the System Center Suite. iWeb’s hosted Microsoft Private Cloud solution is the world’s first private cloud in a box and the winner of the Microsoft Partner Hosted Cloud Innovation Award for 2014. It takes IT operations to the next level, thanks to monitoring, automation and templating as well as all the other benefits of virtualization.

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Features & Benefits

Private Cloud
DevOps / TestOps Environment
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Service Segmentation (Web, DB, HFS)
Easier Resource Management (RAM, CPU, HDD)
Hardware Abstraction
Improved System Performance & Reliability
Hardware Redundancy & Business Continuity 
Infrastructure Scalability 
Simplified IT Operations 
Monitoring & Automation  
Templated Provisioning  
Offload Workloads to Public Cloud  

Talk with an expert

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Virtualized solutions are planned, documented and delivered by a dedicated Technical Account Manager with the support of certified Solutions Architects, Advanced System Administrators and our software partners.