High capacity, low latency connectivity.

iWeb’s worldwide data centers leverage INAP’s Performance IP™ technology to reduce latency and improve network consistency by combining multiple network carriers and real-time route optimization. A high capacity 1Gbps uplink is ideal for hosting busy websites, VOIP servers, media streaming, big data systems and more.
Low Latency
Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ dynamically evaluates network routes for latency, packet loss and route stability to select the best route to any destination.
High Bandwidth
A 1Gbps uplink port enables servers and applications to serve more concurrent users, and send and receive more data at higher rates of transfer.
High Availability
Redundant Private Network Access Point® connects your servers to up to 11 Network Service Providers, insulating your traffic from the risk of network outages.

Performance Networking Locations

Performance networking services with Performance IP™
and 1Gbps uplink ports are available in these iWeb data center locations.
44% lower latency compared to native Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
35 ms less latency per packet round trip time compared with sub-optimal carrier routes
99% of routes chosen by MIRO deemed best path compared with 29% chosen by BGP alone
Nearly four times less latency variability than stand-alone carriers or self-managed IP “blends”

Dedicated Servers

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Performance IP™, Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ and P-NAP® are registered trademarks of INAP Network Services Corporation.
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